From Here To There

From Here to There is a series of performative walks undertaken by international artists: Ben Driscoll, Alfie Heffer and Stefan Andersson.

Each walk starts in one place and ends in another. En route, the artists devise a performance: through constant improvisation, engaging with the body and conversations with people and place. Using task based exercises and methods of walking to spark creative stimulation. A performance inspired by the undetermined path. Carrying all their equipment, camping each night, whilst reading and creative writing; They will travel to their final destination.

The first walk undertaken, will be from London to Warsaw. Devising a performance titled ‘From Here Dotąd‘ To be performed at the inaugural ‘Nomadic Arts Festival‘ in Warsaw and Charciabalda. This project can be followed more closely by clicking here. Updates en route will be posted by the artists on an irregular basis, dependant upon when internet access is available.

Information for the Nomadic Arts Festival, this year titled ‘Between Wheat & Pine’ can be found by clicking here.

Nomadic Arts Festival



  1. hey there, i make use of a minute of silence to leave a comment. al last. sorry for being this late:-) by the way, this is bernd writing, the guy from the bunker. well, musicwise i would like to state: better to have blisters on your fingers (guitarpicking) than having them keeping you from doing what you do at the moment. cheers from bielefeld

  2. Hey guys,

    I hope that you enjoy Bielefeld and your trip goes on. It was a pleasure to meet you and fight in the human table soccer court. Keep in mind that Germany will win in penalty shoot out 😉

    Have a nice trip and inform us when your next stay is planned in Bielefeld.


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